In the current careers climate, competition for jobs is more fierce than ever before. Applications for some roles can run into the hundreds, sometimes thousands, so if your CV does not capture the employer’s imagination, you can forget any chance of landing the job.

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CV Templates

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A host of fantastic CV templates available for download.

Whatever style of CV you are looking for, we have a template to suit. From professional, corporate CVs to more creative layouts, you can be guaranteed to find a design that fits your application.

CV Surgeon

Valuable Demo Content

"I had no idea of where to start with some of the more complex sections. CV Surgeon's suggested content provided the perfect prompt to get my creativity flowing! "

Our documents are fleshed out with placeholders which offer great advice on each section of a successful CV.

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PDF and Word Formats Available

Your document is available as a PDF copy to download and print at your convenience.

Unlike a lot of CV writing tools, we allow you to download your finished document in a number of different formats. You can then supply physical copies to employers and recruiters. We also offer a feature for you to even host your CV online.

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First Class Customer Support

"Your advice and assistance through this process was invaluable. Thanks again."

Our team of careers experts are always on hand for advice and assistance with your CV building. Our tool helps you through every section, offering key advice and pointers. We also bring you a huge archive of help articles designed to supercharge your job search.

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Our service has been designed on the latest technology, meaning it can be accessed on almost any device; mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Key Elements Of A CV

Personal Details

Essentially this part contains basic information about the user.

Work History

Every job is individually detailed to highlight its relevence to the position.

Education History

A comprehensive look at the user’s qualifications and school grades.


A concise appraisal of the user’s job specific skills and abilities.


A vital component of any CV and traditionally one which the employer will study carefully.


A cross section of the user’s major accomplishments and how they highlight future potential.

User Testimonials

CV Surgeon Customer

"I found the functionality of the site to be excellent and was torn between several of the templates. The templates and ease of use on the site was exactly what I wanted and my new employer commented on the quality of presentation of the CV I submitted. I applied for many roles before creating my CV with CV Surgeon and was never successful so I am 100% certain it helped me in securing a new job."

Peter Basnett
Job Seeker

CV Surgeon Customer

"I felt the CV Surgeon website was very easy to understand and navigate and I would rate the support aspect 9/10. I think that creating a professional CV template helped me to secure a job and if needed I would absolutely use the site again."

Alice Wyatt
Job Seeker

CV Surgeon Customer

"I accidentally found your service and am very happy with the product I was able to produce with the tools your site provided. I retired from the Air Force and though I did get some good transition advice, I was not prepared to write an effective CV.CV Surgeon was instrumental in helping me develop that key component."

John Jeziorske
Retired Air Force

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